Ninja Star T Shirt

by on March 8, 2011

It’s another ninja shirt and I think it’s quite clever. The ninja is inside the star. If you throw it hard enough and the magic tree of life, the ninja will be released and will be at your service for 21 years. Think of what you could accomplish with your own personal ninja. And, this, I must add, is a top-of-the-line, so good he got stuffed into a star by an evil wizard ninja. I mean, of course, you have him do the household chores…laundry, dishes, pick up dog doodoo in the backyard, shovel the walks. Wash and detail the car. Paint the house. Shake the handle on the toilet. Run to the store for food items, tampons, and condoms whether you use them or not.

But, this dude is highly skilled at stealthy, night time maneuvers, so you probably also want to do stuff like set up a gag where you scare the piss out of your best friends and at least a couple of your exes.

I’m thinking you don’t want to go illegal, because if you get caught as an accessory to a crime, you’re in the clink and will be wasting all of your free ninja service. But, maybe a little petty crime like having your ninja score you bags of good weed would be appropriate.

Anybody else have any good ideas for what to get your personal ninja assistant to do?

First things first though. Get the Ninja Star T Shirt. None of this is possible without that first step. Second, thank Snorg Tees profusely for this opportunity to have your own personal ninja. And, you’re done.

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