Night Owl Tee Shirt

by on March 5, 2010

Nothing says sophisticated night life like a snifter of brandy, an ascot and an owl. There is heavy, dense conversation happening in a room with first edition books, cigar and pipe smoke, a warm fire, and a koala bear skin rug.

Owls are wisdom animalified. Snifters of liquor loosen the tongue to let the brilliance free and ascots give one such a feeling of superior knowledge and greatness, that you can’t help but be at your intellectual best.

Plus, when you have the multitude of guest bedrooms, your guests can get tipsy and not worry about safely getting home. And, of course, if they simply must get home before dawn, then the driver can always be roused to chauffeur them in the Bentley.

Only two requirements to wear this shirt. One, you stay up late as a regular, “lifestyle” practice. Two, you can swivel your head 359 degrees. Meet that criteria? Go ahead and pick up the Night Owl Tee Shirt before you go out tonight.

When it comes to information about the animal kingdom, I seek out Animal Planet and Headline Shirts.

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