Bearly Getting By Will Hug For Food T Shirt from New Standard

by on May 6, 2012

Nice design by Philip Tseng. Bear’s hanging out on the outskirts of the woods because he knows that’s where the most food traffic is coming from. He’s down to the bottom of his last pot of honey, and he’s resorted to begging. Well, theoretically it’s not begging if you’re offering a service for barter. And, this bear is offering a hug–who could offer better hugs than a bear–in exchange for food.

So, he’s not totally giving up, but it’s still sad to see how far this bear has fallen. Just last year he was bounding around by the river catching salmon, eating berries, and stealing honeycomb, but with the drug and alcohol problems, he simply can’t be bothered to rouse himself out of the stupor.

Broken relationships will do this to you for sure.

Get the Bearly Getting By T Shirt from New Standard, because it’s a beautiful and humorous design that fits your tastes exactly.

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