Never Believe Generalizations T Shirt

by on January 10, 2011

Or never say never…or never buy a shirt that is totally weak like this one. What am I saying, I’m trying to encourage sales here. Please, if you think this is a finely crafted wonder of the world, then there is nothing you can do but go ahead and purchase the Never Believe Generalizations T Shirt. If you think it’s stupid, then you need to cut me some slack because I’m under strict obligation to post about each and every Snorg Tees offering.

It’s not a contract with them, it’s a contract with myself. Why? Because they pay the money and the people love the shirts, so sometimes I say to myself, I think this shirt blows but what do I know…I’m in my mother’s basement with a 3rd grade education. The general populace, who happens to like everything Snorg likes this stuff, so that means it is good.

That’s what you call die to yourself to make a buck. Crack whore’s have nothing on me when it comes to a deep, deep fiscal spirituality. Love my way.

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