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by on June 24, 2012

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Hey all you evil people that are celebrating evil’s victory over good, here’s the shirt for you. It’s not one of those corny, Miami Heat logos with the championship trophy, because that’s not how Busted Tees rolls (plus, there’d be licensing fees to be paid then). Rather, that’s do it as subtle as you can do it with this cool looking Miami shirt. The people you meet can put together the connection, and will know you are evil and that you root for evil and that evil has triumphed* in the NBA in 2012.

*Doesn’t really count though because it was a lockout-shortened season. As far as I’m concerned Lebron still doesn’t have a real ring. What? That’s what they say about the Spurs 1999 title.

Actually, I’m totally kidding. Lebron James was awe inspiring in the playoffs and deserves the championship. He was masterful and the rest of the Heat put it out there in every aspect of the game as well. Very worthy champ and very scary future for the rest of the NBA.

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