MS Paperclip No One Ever Asks If I Need Help T Shirt From Snorg Tees

by on April 2, 2012

This may be because you’re smothering with your helpfulness, Mr. Paperclip. Sometimes people just need some space to work things out on their own without you sliding into the picture and acting all smug like you have the answers to everything. This is the reason nobody is concerned for your well being. You’re overbearing. Now you’re crying and rusting yourself and wetting the paper. That’s a mess and you’re falling down on your duty.

Paperclip, pull yourself together. And go help the next Microsoft Word noob if they need help with the space bar. Wait, didn’t this dude have a name? Guess I better do some research.

It was Clippit, nicknamed Clippy, who was the Office assistant. Dude was dropped as default help in Office XP.

And that is why you need to own this No One Ever Asks If I Need Help T Shirt.

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