Ms. Pacman Caught Cheating Game Over T Shirt

by on January 6, 2011

Ouch that’s a rough thing to walk in on, especially when you have actually taken the time out of your busy schedule to buy flowers for your lover. Boom, you walk in on her in bed with a red M&M. Horrible. And, Ms. Pacman’s bra is thrown on the bed and there’s a banana and cherries, which are very suggestive of a cock and balls. And, the whole scene is just awful for Pacman.

But, better to find out this way, than to be in the dark for a long, long period of cheating behind your back. And, really, no one gets caught unless deep down they really want to get caught. Time to mourn the loss of this relationship and move on. Forget Ms. Pacman she’s a whore.

Agree with this philosophy? If so, then you’re going to need the Ms. Pacman Caught Cheating Game Over T Shirt as the prop that allows you to spread the message far and wide.

Deez Teez knows heart break. You can feel the pain, so real, oozing off this shirt.

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