Mr. Show Take It From Me I Love You Pit Pat T Shirt

by on May 4, 2011

What is going on with this dude. He’s trying way too hard to prove that he loves you while covering up some horrid environmental atrocity that Globo Chem is pulling off. Of course, this Take it From Me I Love You Pit Pat T Shirt is referencing Mr. Show, which is a television program that I watched religiously. Actually, that’s not true because my mom doesn’t let me watch TV. Anyway, Pit Pat is just a little off. The beer gut is creepy instead of cute and cuddly like the Hamburger Helper Hand or Pilsbury Dough Boy. And his messaging sounds like it was written by someone that writes in English as a second language.

And, that’s why it’s funny, and why Busted Tees made this shirt available to you. Plus, you can show off that you loved a hip show, even if you never watched it once. Win Win Win.

“Pit Pat…a magical pan sexual non-threatening spokes-thing.”

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