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by on August 5, 2010

The Hangover was such a damn good movie that it’s almost obvious that you need a t-shirt or two commemorating some of the best lines and scenes. Zach Galifianakis just kills in the movie so any shirt remembering his goofy ass performance as Alan is high on my list. The following are the best The Hangover T Shirts I could find. What’s your favorite? Comment below.

Looking for The Hangover 2 T Shirts?

The Baby Sling Tshirt

This is nice. One of those optical illusions tshirts. Makes you look like you’re really carrying a baby in one of those chest slings that Alan Garner carries Carlos with.

Human Tree T-Shirt

Get a satchel. Get a baby sling. Get some blu blockers. Grow a beard. Get this shirt. And you too can be just like Alan Garner hittin’ the town in Vegas, baby. Solid.

One Man Wolf Pack Tshirt

Very poignant speech before all the crazy stuff kicks off in Vegas. Alan gathers the guys and reads a heartfelt letter about him being a one man wolf pack before he hooked up with them on this trip. Nice.

And here’s a slight variation on the One Man Wolf Pack shirt.

And, here’s one more version for those that can’t stand Galifianakis’ face.

Not at the Table Carlos T shirt

Pull yourself together Alan. Stop acting like Carlos is pulling his little wenis. That is totally inappropriate and really frickin’ funny.

It’s Funny Because He’s Fat Mr. Chow T-shirt

Mr. Chow was a mean SOB. His goons punched Alan just because he wanted to save the Skittles. Mr. Chow laughs because Alan is fat and he got punched. That’s obeesism.

Your Language is Offensive T Shirt

This might be my favorite because the line was fa fa funny, and look at the way his sitting all pathetic against the wheel well. I dig this one a lot.

You Better Walk On…I Will Hit an Old Man in Public T-shirt

Old guy just wanted to complement him on the beautiful Mercedes he was driving, but Alan was having none of it. He wasn’t messing around. Didn’t even want the old man to look at the car.

Whose Baby Is This Tshirt

Legitimate question. In the closet crying. No idea. No tags. Gotta ask, but first you gotta give the kid some shades to protect the eyes from that bright desert sun.

Drunk Driving Classic T-shirt

It doesn’t get any better than drunk driving according to Alan. That’s a classic. You know you can’t get enough of Zach G’s beard. Tell me you can. Tell me. You can’t, because you can’t. It’s classic too.

It’s a Satchel…Indiana Jones Wears One Tshirt

Man purse or stachel, that little bag is totally gay, especially in Vegas. But, you know Alan has his own peccadilloes, which, ultimately, gives him his massive charm.

Counting Cards Isn’t Illegal, It’s Frowned Upon Tee Shirt

Alan may have been a geek and annoying but he sure did save the boys’ asses in Vegas with his skills counting the cards and destroying at the blackjack table. Counting cards is frowned upon like masterbating on a plane.

The Hangover Collage T-Shirt

This is like your very own Hangover montage that you can wear on your chest and belly. This is absolutely beautiful.

Wait a Second…Could It Be? I Just Added Two More Guys to My Wolfpack Tshirt

This Wolfpack thing was serious. You can’t be sarcastic and facetious 100% of the time. Sometimes you need to strip off all the pretension and protective lawyers and be sincere.

Tigers Love Pepper They Hate Cinnamon Tshirt

Alan is quite sure he knows how to deal with the tiger in the bathroom at the hotel. Thank God somebody knows culinary preferences of big cats in this f’d up situation.

Here’s another version of this classic line with like a pixelized tiger.

Literally Too Stupid to Insult Tshirt

Man…harsh words for Alan Garner. Guess when you really eff up a trip to Vegas like he did you should be open to this sort of angry criticism. Right?

Where’s Doug Tshirt

Spoiler alert: they find Doug and he’s no worse for the wear and everything works out in the end. And, they have a series Vegas story for posterity.

Would You Please Put Some Pants On? I Feel Weird Having to Ask Twice Tshirt

Hey…can Alan help it if he’s very comfortable in the tightie whities. What’s a little uncomfortable underwear visualization among acquaintances.

I’m a Steel Trap Tee

Can’t argue with a man, wearing the human tree shirt and the man purse satchel. If he says he’s a steel trap, then you gotta just go with it.

Some Guys Just Can’t Handle Vegas Tshirt

Too true. It’s just not in some guys. They get overwhelmed with excess or they become timid and can’t enjoy stomping the terra in sin city.

Who Brought This Guy Along? Tee Shirt

Very legitimate question before you really get to know Alan Garner. It’s a while to warm up to his subtle charms.

Here are some The Hangover YouTube clips for your watching pleasure:

The Trailer:

It’s funny ‘cuz he’s fat:

She’s a nice lady. Your language is offensive:

Paging Dr. Faggot:

Not at the Table Carlos:

Alan You’re the Man:

Man Purse/Satchel:

Tigers Love Pepper – They Hate Cinnamon:

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Some Guys Cant Handle Vegas December 12, 2012 at 3:07 pm

these movies are a riot!

hahaha I love it!

wish I could buy everything from “The Hangover” but I have some great merchandise

of my own!

wearing the “one man wolfpack” shirt right now!

Alan is a riot!


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