More Wolves T Shirt

by on December 1, 2010

Never think that there’s enough wolves on t shirts in the world. This is another spectacular offering. It’s so soulful and mystical and wonderful. There’s a wolf howling at the moon. There’s a wolf riding a white horse amongst the stars howling at the moon. Magnificent.

Get the Wolves Howling at the Moon T Shirt because it’s magical and you will become a more complete and evolved human being if you do. You should see the person that designed this shirt. You go in the same room with her and you’re blown away by her cosmic power.

Headline Shirts has completely raised the vibration of their office and the city of San Francisco just by printing this shirt and offering it for sale. Are you ready? They always say when the student is ready the wolves t shirt will come, and, now, for the first time I understand it on a cellular level.

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