Monkey Chandelier T Shirt

by on April 16, 2011

Sometimes you have to blow out the cobwebs with absurd randomness and this Monkey Chandelier T Shirt fits the bill. First, that has to be one of those massive chandeliers in a huge hall with about 6000 little sparklie prisms casting that champagne colored light onto the hardwood floor and the fancy, well-coiffed people mingling below. I say it has to be massive because it dwarfs the monkey. Now, I suppose the monkey could be any number of sizes. I don’t know my monkeys that well, but I know that some are tiny and some are pretty large.

I’m going to assume that Headline Shirts is portraying a medium-sized monkey and an enormous chandelier, because we also have to be concerned with safety. Monkeys are probably very good at falling from height, but you still don’t want to see a chandelier come crashing down on pretty, wealthy people.

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