Mohawk Mo Problems T Shirt

by on September 7, 2009

mohawk-mo-problems-tshirtThis is truth. Keepin’ it real. And not just for the Native American’s that sported this bad ass do way before you. Also, for the punks to co-opted the look in the late 70s and 80s. They to were decimated. It’s like carrying a sacred text or wearing the mark of the beast or having really bad BO. You don’t stand a chance. It’s in the cards, you got that wicked strip, then you gonna have severe grief.

What this shirt also tells us is that other than the names — Red Skins, Indians, Chiefs, Braves, Chippahawattattas – professional sports also stole that schmear under the eyes thing.

Anyways, if you’re a big fan of crying Indians, mohawks, and/or the rights of indigenous people’s then you really probably should pick up Mohawk Mo Problems Shirt.

Check out the most famous crying Indian:

The Busted Tees is something to sees.

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