Modern Pirates Tee

by on February 13, 2009

modern-pirates-tshirtThere’s really not much commentary to add to Glennz Tees. They just strike you as funny from the get. The weird juxtapositions, the precise art. The shirts are simply amazing and quite amusing.

Forget old school charting the seas. The new pirate has his iMap rockin’ to find the booty. It seems like it would be hard to do the pinch motion with that hook though. Maybe that’s why he’s holding it with the hook, so he can use the other hand to do the fine pinchy, touchy navigation these modern electronical miracles require.

And, I guess I’m assuming it’s a he, could very well be a she pirate. Don’t want to be sexist or anything here.

It is true: you are what you wear. So, be awesome with this Modern Pirates Tee Shirt.

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