Mo’ Sunny Mo’ Problems Snowman Tshirt

by on August 2, 2010

Hey, no time better to release a shirt with a snowman on it than the first of August. Because that’s when all the snowmen start melting in the Northern Hemisphere, if you happen to be at 14,000 feet or higher altitude. Otherwise, this shirt just doesn’t speak to the common person sweating their balls off in the 90 degrees, 90 percent humidity weather.

Okay, I’m going to get past that and just look at the message the Mo’ Sunny Mo’ Problems Snowman Tee Shirt is trying to convey. And, you know what, when I take that step back, I kinda like it. First of all, it’s WORDPLAY and you know how much I love wordplay. And, it features a very poignant message. The relatively short time we have on this Earth and like a snowman we need to live each day to its fullest.

Wait. Snowmen don’t do shit and this shirt is racist, co-opting a rappers signature phraseology and putting a white face to it.

Damn, not sure what I even think about this output from Snorg Tees. Awesome and terrible all at the same time. Guess you’ll have to decide with your pocketbook. What the hell is a pocketbook?

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