Milk Mustache Old Guy Tee Shirt

by on August 2, 2010

So this dude Baron Von Mildenstein was into some heavy shit involving trying to form a partnership between Zionism and the Nazi State. I got that off some stub on Wikipedia, so take it as gospel truth, yo. Anyway, the point is you can take any deep, important, heavy, political, world-changing subject in history, boil it down to the key players, add a milk mustache to those key players and then all of a sudden you have a hilarious shirt.

This Milk Mustache Baron Von Milkstein Tshirt is no exception and you should buy it because it will become an important artifact for future anthropologists to piece together and understand the humor and pathos of our generation.

Snorg Tees once claimed in a private conversation that they made up the Got Milk? campaign, and then had it stolen. They coulda made millions. Wait, I was sworn to secrecy on that one. Never mind.

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