Milk is Good Save a Boob T Shirt

by on October 4, 2012

Get This Shirt From Certified Dress Code

Buy this shirt because you, like me, like boobs. Man or woman you know you like boobs. And if this bright-ass pink ink can bring awareness…can trigger in a woman’s mind…”hey, its been a while, I better do that self boob examination,” then it’s all quite worth it.

Plus, you get to legitimately wear a shirt that says boob on it, which is pretty righteous. What do you say? Save some boobies. Be a hero. Keep those mammaries pumping out that delicious milk for healthy children, and triggering lascivious thoughts in 75% of the population.

Certified Dress Code donates a healthy percentage of proceeds from the sale of this shirt to Breast cancer charities in the Houston area, which is like a double bonus for getting this tee.

Man, I really wanted to slip the word tits in this post, but it just didn’t fit. Wasn’t appropriate. Maybe next time.

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