Michaelangelo Creation of Adam God’s Wrath T Shirt

by on February 19, 2011

Hey God would never exhibit wrath toward the first dude he created. Adam was so innocent and pristine when he first got plopped on Earth. He was God’s guinea pig. How could God have so much anger toward him that early. I mean I can see this playing out with Vlad the Impaler, evil dictators throughout history, every single person that has worked on Wall St. for the last 15 years, my ex wife, the entire C-Suite and Board of Directors at Monsanto, and Scott Walker, but the first dude he hadn’t had time to fuck up. Eve wasn’t even there yet to lead him to the path of iniquity.

Of course, maybe God had been working on this human experiment for a while. Had made a ton of attempts, like Edison with the light bulb, and just got feed up with it, and decided to launch an OK product, rather than a perfect product. So, he dropped Adam on Earth and all of a sudden God was overwhelmed with nausea, thinking how imperfect this dude was, and what if he went forth and multiplied. Things could get damn ugly on Earth, which was actually a project God was very proud of. Overcome by this sort of emotion God flipped Adam off, gave him the middle finger, told him to read between the lines, flipped the bird, told him to fuck off. That’s a plausible explanation for what Michaelangelo captured and Headline Shirts recaptured on this God’s Wrath t shirt. I especially like that the finger is blurgled.

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