Mexican Standoff: Rock Paper Scissors T Shirt

by on April 6, 2010

Hey, if you don’t have the ticker for really intense situations, you may want to skip looking at this shirt too intently. It’s profound. The gritted teeth, the furrowed brow, the double handguns. A true Mexican standoff. What’s going to happen? Who’s going to make the first move…paper, rock, scissors.

It looks to me as if rock’s dropped a few pebbles. You can’t give him to much of a hard time. I mean, it could happen to anyone, but it says to me he’s the one that crumbles giving scissors a clear shot at getting out of this thing alive, since we all know scissors always takes paper. At least, if I was a betting man, that’s where I’d lay my money. How about you?

Whatever your thoughts on this delicate matter, you want to be sure and buy Mexican Standoff: Rock Paper Scissors Tshirt, because it’s cool.

FYI – according to Wikipedia this little pickle is known by many names, including rochambeau,  fargling, cachi-pún, scissors-paper-rock/stone, jan-ken-pon, and kauwi-bauwi-bo. Thought you needed to know.

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