Mexican Basketball Association T Shirt

by on December 21, 2010

I can’t believe I haven’t already reviewed this shirt. I love basketball and I love Mexicans. And, of course, I have sombreros and sarapes in my closet, which I wear on a daily basis. How could I have missed this thing. Plus, and this is the cherry on top, it’s got bilingual wordplay. Juan on Juan instead of  one on one. And Juan is a Mexican name. Are you catching all of the intricate humor up in here. That’s nice! It’s the MBA…where increible happens.

Get the Mexican Basketball Association T Shirt full of bright bold colors and witticisms. Here’s a close up of the shirt. I just wanted to get the model shot in there because she’s cute as can be and it’s good to see the shirt in action. Am I right?

Then, tell Busted Tees to keep pumping gems like this out. I’m mean not all fast and furious where the quality goes down. Not industrial like where the creativity drops off in favor of the bottom line. No, just keep pumpin’ out the good stuff and good things will happen.

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