St. Louis Home of Giant Croquet T Shirt from Mental Floss

by on May 4, 2012

Very clever shirt this one. Have you ever been to the Arch over there on the Mississippi River on the border of Missouri and Illinois. Actually, not the easiest place to play croquet because you are on the water. You normally think of golf as having water features — no wait that’s a landscaping term — golf has water hazards, and I would say if we’re going to follow the wonderful logic on this St. Louis Home of Giant Croquet T Shirt, then you have to say that croquet has water hazards as well. Makes for an interesting game.

One last thing for when you go. Be prepared to alter your croquet game to match this course because it is completely different than anything you’ve played before. Only one wicket and it’s 100 feet wide, so if you get in the vicinity you’re going to be able to make the shot, unless it’s tourist season, then it’s going to be very difficult to negotiate your way around the picture takers.

Or maybe I’m taking this shirt from Mental Floss too literally? What do you think?

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