Meme Shirts Capturing the Online Zeitgeist for Posterity and You Specifically

by on December 29, 2010

The main concept of the Meme Shirts site is taking Internet memes and featuring them on their funny t shirts. They have all the memes worth memorializing with t shirts. Check it out. And, you know what the real cool thing  about this site is? Glad you asked. They keep getting better. The first time I visited this site it looked like  a bunion on Madeline Albright’s left big toe…you couldn’t even see the shirts and, I don’t know, I think there was poop smeared on the navigation bar…but now it looks great.

They had a great idea. They made a concerted effort in the market place, and now they’re tightening and brightening the presentation. I like that approach. And the designs are dope like early 90s hip hop…which, by the way, was the golden age.

For example…

Pedo Bear T Shirts

You love pedo bear and you want the world to know about it, then you have to check out the eight pedo bear offerings.

Che Guevara T Shirts

You’re political and you think you know about Cuban history, so go ahead and take a look at the Che Guevara shirts.

Christmas T Shirts

It’s a little late for this or maybe you switch that around and say you’re really early on the Christmas themed shirts.

Chuck Norris T Shirts

No Internet meme collection is complete without the man that cannot not be defeated nor denied.

The Rest of the Memes

You think Chuck Norris was enough and you can’t take one more bit of meme awesomeness. Well, too bad, because we still have the assorted meme page, featuring Amber Lamps, Dramatic Rodents, Epic Beard Man, Rick Roll, O RLY, Tits or GTFO, Trololo, and much much more.

Meme Shirts also has a nice assortment of drinking and offensive shirts for your dirty, filthy, drunken pleasure.

Just to close this thing out with more glowing praise: I like the fact that for most shirts they embedded Youtube videos about the meme, so you know what the hell it’s all about in case you’re old and/or out of touch.

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