Meh T Shirt

by on November 29, 2010

The ultimate shirt of indifference. Wear this to the Christmas feast at your in-laws. Despite the family folklore, the sweet potato pie really isn’t as mind-blowingly spectacular as they say it is. And, Uncle Jimmy isn’t nearly as funny as people claim. It’s a big meh to them all. Now, sister-in-law Julie is a different story…she’s as beautiful as they all say she is. Wait, did I just type that out loud. Let’s stick with unimpressed Meh T Shirt and forget I said that other bit about the hot sister. Seriously. This could ruin my marriage, and I’m already in meh status with the Mrs.

That was totally just a fictional account of what might happen at a Xmas party. You can also wear this meh shirt to school, where they’re trying to cram meh knowledge down your throat. I would also encourage you to wear this to any speech by a politician. Go forth and make Snorg Tees proud.

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