Meet Snorg Tees Model Stephanie Petrey

by on February 16, 2013

Stephanie Petrey Dossier

Stephanie Petrey is a beautiful model for Snorg Tees. It looks like she gets a lot of work in the business and is also known as Steph Petrey and Stephanie Ann Petrey.

Here’s a Wix page with some very nice photos on it (note: she looks great in a swimsuit).

And here is her Model Mayhem profile.

The Twitter with a cover image of a sports car and the quote “it’s all about the horsepower.” Extra bonus attraction for all you gearheads out there. Plus, some nice pics in this profile including one of her bathing her Golden Retriever…very cute.

Seems like she likes hard candy, Oreos, coffee, and ice cream, bacon, baths and perhaps a dude named Gabe. You know, typical young people stuff.

Beautiful portrait.

And here’s her MySpace page where she calls herself a “handful” and rides a horse.

Stephanie Petrey Gallery

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