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by on November 22, 2010


Marissa Pierce Dossier

In this season of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for pretty models like Marissa Pierce. And cranberry sauce. Snorg Tees has been featuring their models for the last few months. The last one they focused on was the lovely Marissa Pierce, who seems to be pretty accessible…at least enough to lust after a nice variety of images…I mean enjoy her quirky personality comes shining through in every image.

Check out the video where she reveals that her favorite movie is Jurassic Park, she makes goofy faces at an older Asian woman when she’s not looking, she dawns a cartoonish fake rack, does a Think Outside the Box shoot in her underwear!!, and demonstrates what kind of eating habits you have to have to remain that impossibly thin:

Read the exclusive interview with Marissa. She lets you know that her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida sucks so you shouldn’t bother going there. She likes the great outdoors. She owns snakes and in fact is holding one in one of the photos.  She also comments on her own interview: “I’m kind of a big deal, hehehehehe!”, which is kind of funny.

Don’t forget to go check out her Facebook page. Not much to see here unless she becomes your friend, which isn’t going to happen you crazy stalker. Actually, it looks like if you follow the three rules of being her friend on Facebook, you can be like nearly 4,000 other lucky folk that are in the club. Friend or not, you can enjoy her “I’m a retard” profile pic and her ominous quote: “I will be the death of you.”

Oops. Looks like someone didn’t pay their hosting bill. Unfortunately, is down at the time of this posting.  However, looks like photographer, RM Thompson, has a flickr site which is probably a must see if you like to look at Snorg Tees models, including Ms. Pierce, doing their thing.

And, let’s not forget Model Mayhem. Marissa has a profile with a nice selection of images, along with some spunky messages about what kind of work she is available for. Forget football and spending quality time with family, and stuffing yourself silly with white meat…go check out her work.

Let’s all take a moment and give thanks for Snorg Tees, who has had the good enough sense to find the very best young models, both beautiful and fun, to represent their fine funny tees operation. Amen.

Marissa Pierce Gallery

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joe October 23, 2012 at 1:44 am

“I own more snakes than shoes.” What a small world. I shit my pants when I see snakes.


Booker Addison October 23, 2012 at 9:14 pm

It’s Joe from TeeTower! He’s back and he’s still got his fastball. That’s funny.


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