Meet Snorg Tees Model Christy Medlock

by on February 17, 2013


Christy Medlock Dossier

It looks like Christy lives in Austin, TX. She’s on LinkedIn listed as a Passionate Hospitality & Consumables Expert. I’m not sure what that means. But, if passion and consumables are involved it has to be good.

Okay, her Twitter is kind of bringing it all together. She is the inventor and purveyor of scrumptious consumables. Her handle is Cookie Mistress, so she must have a cookie baking company. She likes to bake alone because she gets to lick both beaters. Hope this isn’t some health code violation.

It’s obvious she has a goofy sense of humor, watching this video of her.

Christy’s Facebook page.

Here she is in a blue dress.

And she’s sad.

Socks, glasses, and nerd shirt.

I’m pretty sure she’s been out of the Snorg Tees modeling gig for a few years now, but her images linger on, because she’s a great model and the shirt designs continue to be relevant.

Christy Medlock Gallery

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