Meet Busted Tees Model Kim Kaupe

by on September 10, 2012

Kim Kaupe Interview

How long have you been modeling for Busted Tees?

I would say about a year, maybe a year and half now.

How did you get the gig with Busted Tees?

I went to college with Adam Schwartz and somehow he still thinks I’m cool enough to be his friend.

How do you approach a photo shoot? 

I tell myself not to use jazz hands so much but to still try to have as much fun as possible.

How do you interact with the camera/photographer so you get awesome shots? 

I tend to tell funny stories or comment on passerby’s reactions to us. I tend to say things like, “This is for my new rap album” but I don’t think people walking by are convinced.

Do you think certain thoughts? 

I try to think about how people would actually want to see the shirt. Most people don’t stand up straight, facing straight at others (which is how we are photographed sometimes)–people are slouched, sitting down, walking around, or leaning against something.

Is there a certain swoosh of the hair that makes it happen? 

It’s all about the swoosh. Anyone who tells you that it isn’t is lying and trying to keep their signature move to themselves.

Basically, what I’m asking is what’s going on in the mind of a model during a shoot? 

See above. Like I said no jazz hands, try not to make the photographer laugh so much that he can’t get straight shots, and make sure your swoosh is on point.

And, what is your favorite trick to get the best shots?

Laughter and having a good time. Can’t fake those!

You link to ZinePak from your Twitter profile. Looks like it’s a company you founded in 2011 with partner Brittany Hodak. Can you explain what your business does? Looks like it’s a new way to package CDs, which is kind of brilliant, in order to get people to buy a hard copy of the music instead of download it online. 

You got it! We create custom magazines for artists and pair them with music and physical merchandise items to create the ultimate fan package. The ‘ZinePaks (pronounced ZEEN-pack – you know like magazine!) are available at retail, on tour, or as part of special fan packages created by the artists.

Who are some of your notable clients?

We’ve worked with some really fun people over the past 18 months since starting the company including: American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, Rascal Flatts, Justin Bieber, No Doubt, The Beach Boys, Taylor Swift, and a ton more!

Any cool stories hanging out with musicians?



Hard to pick just one… We always have a lot of fun working with Scotty McCreery. His birthday is very near mine so we had a bit of joint birthday cupcake celebration after he taped a segment on Regis and Kelly last year only I didn’t want to share my cupcakes with him. He asked to take all of the cupcakes with him and I told him I needed to keep at least two. In retrospect everyone was probably right and I didn’t need to be negotiating cupcake allotments with Scotty McCreery as he tried to make his way to another television taping. However the cupcakes were delicious and technically it was my birthday too!

The Company page says you have a magazine background. What did you do in the magazine industry?

I worked at Conde Nast Publications for two years in promotions and marketing at BRIDES Magazine. Try working at BRIDES magazine and finding a date in the city. Hilarious. The minute you tell a guy where you work he thinks you are an insane attachment oriented girl that he needs to run away from. I always tell people that one day I’ll write a book about it.

How’s business?

‘ZinePak is doing really well. We have a ton of releases coming up in the next few weeks that I’m excited about so if you are a fan of awesome music paired with exclusive interviews and never-before-seen photos you should probably keep an eye on our Facebook page!

Tell me about this Junior Olympic experience in volleyball. Did you play volleyball in college? If some friends were to get together and play volleyball, would you make life miserable for them…spiking it in their faces and taunting them and being way out of their league?

I played competitively from age twelve until sophomore year of college. When I say competitively I mean the whole deal–school team for half the year and travel league for the other half, dedicated meal plans, protein concoctions, strength trainers, coaches, and of course nine other girls who are competing for a spot on the court as well. When it came to play in college and I saw the amount of work it was and how the school practically owned your life I graciously bowed out of that path!

You mentioned you were getting desperate for college football. Who’s your team? Why?

The Florida Gators. 2 National Championships in the 4 years I was at school. The Tim Tebow/Urban Meyer years. This year is a rebuilding year for sure but there is no better university in the SEC as far as I’m concerned. Both my parents went there as well so if this was Hogwarts I would be a pure blood not a muggle.

No car since 2008. You must live in New York City. Do you like not having to deal with a car and the decreased environmental impact?

New York City it is. The city everyone hates (dirty, small apartments, loud) but no one can leave (The views! The Food! The Diversity!) Sometimes I miss driving in a car so when I go home to Florida I tend to request to be in the drivers seat.

How proud are you of your silver Sperrys?

Sperry’s used to be such a Florida thing. Same with Jack Rogers. Suddenly in the last few years it’s like the rest of the country caught on to how amazing they are. I love Sperry’s. Although when you’re not going on a boat they can tend to look at little out of the ordinary.

What do you do for fun?  

Hang out with friends usually. New York is a busy city and can take away a lot of your time with friends and family. Everyone is attached to their Blackberry’s and iPhone’s so when I am feeling particularly badass I put my iPhone away for 3 to 4 hours at a time! Scandalous I know. However I bet 90% of the people who read this couldn’t put their phones away for a day and still have fun (without instantly posting how much fun you are having to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook!)

Best movie you saw recently?

I never really see movies. So I am changing this to what TV shows do I love: True Blood, Veep, Once Upon A Time, Gossip Girl, and Top Chef (even though I have no cooking ability whatsoever)

Band you must absolutely see in person? 

Changing this to last band I saw in person because working in the music industry there are about 10 bands I could name that you have to see in person. ;) The last band I saw in person was Imagine Dragons, they are new act signed to a label we work with a lot. I saw them at the up-fronts in March and could tell they were going to be huge. They will be the next version of The Killers, I’m calling it now!

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Disney songs but I’m not embarrassed. I openly will argue with anyone about it. The quality production, vocal abilities, and orchestra arrangements are some of the best in the business. That Mickey Mouse–he doesn’t mess around with auto-tune! And Elton John’s work on The Lion King, I mean really, enough said.

Where are you from…I see something about the University of Florida.

West Palm Beach, Florida.

Do you ever get noticed around town as the Busted Tees model?

No, however I do get confused for other people a lot. I think it’s because I’m about average height, with brown hair, and no real outstanding attributes. About once a month someone comes up to me and says, “Hey is your name (insert girl name here)?” I then have to say no and everyone feels awkward. Although I once had someone argue with me about it because they thought I was lying. So then I just agreed to be Stacy from the soccer field. Sorry, Stacy!

Brothers? Sisters? 

No. God thought one was punishment enough for my family. I take a lot of work.

Favorite Busted Tees shirt?

Two Bits! ? It was a heartbreak that I didn’t get to model that one. Maybe fans can pitch for me to wear more Gator tees!?!?

Do you have a significant other (the readers told me to ask the models that)?

I do, he’s pretty snazzy and puts up with me (still figuring out how).

Theoretically, how interested, on a scale from 1 (not very) to 10 (very) would you be into a 41-year-old dude with chronic halitosis, who lives in his mother’s basement? I’m talking romantically of course.

Are their windows in the basement? That’s going to effect my answer. If there are no windows I’m giving it a 3 because that’s super claustrophobic and dark and I’m not down with the Breaking Bad meth lab look. If there are 2 or 3 windows I’d give it a solid 7 because we can work on the halitosis.

Is the world going to end this year?

Probably. Maybe we can ask Anonymous to hack into the Matrix and ask it to start all over again? I’m down with having a little more time to explore this awesome planet.

Anything you would like to add? Shoutouts? Links?

Like Good Music and Helping Out 2 Nice Girls? Like our Facebook page:  – We are funny and tend to call out fun things we are working on. I tend to post things on what kids are calling The Instagram these days, if you enjoy witty banter join me: @kimkaupe

Kim Kaupe Dossier 

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Check out this video of Kim and her partner talking about their business. And, here she is photographed in the New York social diary (scroll down).

And, finally, here she is at the Alexander Wang After party.

Kim Kaupe Gallery

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Steve March 20, 2015 at 4:12 pm

No real outstanding attributes, she says! Other than being smart, charming, funny, and astonishingly gorgeous? I guess those are rather obvious attributes, maybe she just meant she’s not 7 feet tall and has the usual 10 fingers and 10 toes.


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