Meesie: Make Your Own Whacky Photo Shirt

by on May 2, 2012

Brother Adam has put together a cool make your own t-shirt website called Meesie. Basically, you upload a photo add some filters or backgrounds or other creative stuff, then pick the color of the shirt you want and boom, the Justin Bieber at the strip club shirt you have ached for for 17+ years is now yours.

I know. I know. You simply can’t believe it. I didn’t either when Mr. Adam de la Mare told me about it, but then he gave me a link and I’m going to tell you something right now…it’s TRUE. Don’t tell anybody else, but here’s the link.

Now this is a brand spanking new operation, so if you act now, you can be the first on your block with a t-shirt featuring Ricky Gervais shoving a pineapple up his backside. And, that kind of glory lasts for years, nay, decades even. But, you have to time it just right.

Did I mention Adam de la Mare is one of the best t-shirt designers going right now, so if his name is behind this venture, it has to be awesome and great.

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