Medicine is the Best Medicine T Shirt

by on January 25, 2011

Nice use of wordplay here. Way to take a stupid, trite saying and turn back on itself. Of course, I probably don’t really agree that medicine is the best medicine, especially when said medicine is a pill bottle. Drugs are rarely the right way to go when you need to heal. They attack symptoms not root causes, and that’s missing the point in the big way, not to mention all of the work your body has to do processing the shit in the drugs. Your liver has to work extra hard…your kidneys…and your sacroiliac. And you never want to overwork your sacroiliac.

Actually, the most used saying is laughter is the best medicine, so when you laugh at this Medicine is the Best Medicine T Shirt, Hippocrates wins. Yay, for the Hippocratic team. Boo the current state of health care and health insurance in the United States. And yay for Busted Tees for being so damn clever.

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