Meatghost T Shirt

by on February 21, 2011

I like this shirt. It’s gross and random and weird and cute all at the same time. This Meatghost only has one tooth left, a really blank stare, nice floating abilities, and a lot of blood drippings. I guess I’d be scared if I saw this thing hovering over the table or poppin’ out of the fridge. A little amused but ultimately scared, because paranormal meat sightings is out of the ordinary and a bit unknown and can certainly create fear.

I wonder if this is a statement on the consumption of meat. Like you’re going to be haunted by Ribeye for the rest of your days for complicitly participating in the slaughter of innocent animals: cows, pigs, chickens, etc. It’s like The Christmas Carol. Except your being visited by the ghost of dinner’s past. Yikes. I might change my ways and start eating just the veggies. Naw, meat is too delicious. I’d still wear this MEATGHOST T Shirt and be like the biggest hypocrite ever. And it would be worth it because Topatoco has teamed with Crazy Vee to produce a lovely tee.

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