Meat is Mmmmmurder T-shirt

by on June 14, 2010

Morrissey would not appreciate the variation on his vegetarian theme…at all. Yes, it’s clever. Yes, meat really is delicious. And, yes, that prancing bull with the huge chest and waif waist is kind of disconcerting in a funny way, but Morrissey would not approve.

Of course, I refer to his band’s album, Meat is Murder, which, first off, is a weird thing to name an album, but the The Smiths were so good, it didn’t really matter that their lead singer was posing as an asexual vegan, when in reality he was banging broads, while eating corn dogs. No lie.

Anyway, back to the Meat is Mmmmurder tshirt, actually, forget about that. Another truly bizarre thing about this Morrissey cat is that the Latino community absolutely adores him, which blows my mind.

Of course, there’s been a documentary about this phenomenon, Is It Really So Strange. Apparently, it boils down to this. They love his hair.

Here’s The Smiths performing Meat is Murder in Madrid (or as they say in Spain “carne es asesinato”), which takes it to another level with all that bullfighting madness going on there. Not one of their best songs BTW:

Busted Tees it’s what’s for dinner.

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