Mazeltov Cocktail T-shirt

by on January 15, 2010

You see sometimes with these funny shirt joints, they don’t get their dialect right. Sometimes their spelling is off. Sometimes their geography is off…see the word Canada under the flag of Iceland. And, sometimes they’re politics are wrong…Without me It’s Just Aweso.

Anyway, this is along the same lines. You see, what they’re trying to say is Molotov cocktail, which is just your basic improvised incendiary weapon. Mazeltov is the Yiddish word for like go kick ass you crazy Jew. So, I’m not sure why they’ve got this rabbi lobbing, what looks to be an improvised incendiary weapon at what I can only guess is a Palestinian compound. Oh wait.

If you dig wordplay and religious zealots living on the edge, then you probably really need to consider purchasing the Mazeltov Cocktail Tee shirt and putting it on your body.

Busted Tees – good times just got better and the temperature rose and I got a little itchy thing on my middle toe on my left foot.

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