Maybe It’s the Booze Talking But I Want You to Know I Love Booze T Shirt

by on October 25, 2010

Very solid night at the bar shirt. Good bit o’ humor, plus a shout out to the base reason you’re there. To drink. Well, and get sex, but first things first. You do the humor and the drinking and almost inevitably were talking about sexy time with the 7…8…or…9 of your choice. For a 10 you’re going to have to flash  a little cash, so I can’t guarantee you’re going to land one of those with just this shirt and a quick shower.

I know that after this persuasive discussion you have a burning desire to purchase this Maybe It’s the Booze Talking But I Want You to Know I Love Booze T Shirt. In fact, before you pull out your credit card, I want you to take a deep breath, stand up, stretch…maybe even take a walk around the block, then, and only then come back to this and, if you’re still ready to get the shirt go ahead and do so.

I just don’t want my masterful salesmanship to get you all hot and bothered emotionally to the point you can’t make a good decision about this Busted Tees – someecards offering.

I want this to be a lasting relationship and if I manipulate you into buying, you may have remorse later and not come back for more. I don’t want that.

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