Mario Brothers Bullet Bill GI Bullet T Shirt

by on April 12, 2011

Can someone help me out with this one? I think the GI Bullet T Shirt looks cool on its own without knowing any back story, but if I know Split Reason, then I know that there’s a story behind this. It’s part of a video game. It’s a mashup of some sort. I did my requisite 18 seconds of Internet research and could only find some GI Joe related things, like GI Joe’s friend GI Man, the human bullet. Dude was hooked up on a string and had a special metal helmet that made his head look like a bullet and he could blast through things.

Not sure with all the concussion scares floating around the sports world these days, that that sort of action would be encouraged these days.

Whatever, Split Reason designed a cool bullet, missile bomb, and it’s worthy of your chest so pull out your wallet and get it today. Actually, it’s a cry for peace…it doesn’t look like it on the surface, but it subliminally makes people think that war is cruddy and that peace kicks ass. No lie.

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