Manatee Problem T-shirt

by on May 11, 2010

That isn’t one of those remote control boats or ships in a bottle. That’s the real thing with dozens of hands that can be called on deck, a captain, a sloppy cook, two stowaway fey 18-year-old poets, and nine hookers. This is not a toy, and just look at what that manatee has done. It is so big that when it surfaced, it shook loose the 17th green at Augusta and that ship ran aground right on top of it.

Right about now, I’d be asking questions to, like how come the Japanese haven’t overfished the manatees and made them scarce, like they do with every other creature in the see. Too big. Perhaps the sea cow is too big to fail. Anyway, those and this fraught-filled ship are hoping beyond hope that this big ass manatee wasn’t trained to jump through hoops at Sea World, fired for inappropriate touching of a trainer, and set loose, penniless and broken into the sea.

That makes for a mad, possibly drunk manatee that may want to hurt itself and those around him.

Get this Manatee Problem tshirt and remember one of the most frightening perils in the world of trans-Atlantic seafaring. Celine Dion would be proud.

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