Man spends $200K to park in his driveway

by on July 29, 2010

Damn. Dude could of parked in downtown Chicago with their bend over privately operated parking meters and still come out ahead on this deal. Of course, he won the lawsuit over the home owner’s association and will be reimbursed the legal fees that have incurred over the several year-long court battle to park his truck in his driveway.

Of course, what no one is really talking about is what kind of frickin’ truck doesn’t fit in your garage. I think I may have had trouble with my neighbor parking his unsightly dumper, and rooted for the association to win the battle. People have asked why A.J. Vizzi really needs such a large vehicle, and he vehemently defends his decision to purchase the beast on the grounds that he feels safer when he drives down the “crazy streets of Odessa.”

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