Make Up Sex It’s Worth Fighting For T Shirt

by on February 11, 2009

make-up-sex-is-worth-fighting-for-tshirtPick your battles. That’s what Uncle Horax always says. Fight with the boss to do what’s best for the long term health of your company. Forget it. You’ll never win and if you do, there’s little chance you’ll reap the rewards. Fight to imprison, clawback and disgorge the speculative banking thieves. Forget it. Their guy Geithner is calling the shots. Fight with your cat about peeing on the carpet on the landing. Feline insouciance always trumps human outrage.

Fight with your lover to fire up the emotion to catalyze passion to roll into make up sex. Always a good plan! But, as you know, sometimes you forget your best plans of attack and need reminders. Thus, you need to grab one of these Make Up Sex It’s Worth Fighting For Tees, so you can choose your battles wisely.

Busted Tees is something to sees.

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