Dirty Harry Make My Day Tshirt

by on March 30, 2010

You thought you had the drop on the guy in front of you. You thought this particular struggle was coming to an end with your life intact and a chance to piece back your sanity, but someone didn’t maintain their post at the back door and now a bigger gun’s got the drop on my shit. DAMN!

Now, we have a Mexican standoff, except that the big gun behind me is in total control because I can’t see him. Look at that little shit in front of me with that look of relief. I should just shoot him for that.

Actually, that little gun is pointing at a sling shot and the sling shot is pointing at a straw with a spit ball shooter and the spit ball shooter is pointing at Iraq’s elite army. Funny digression.

Get the Make My Day shirt because it’s clever, it speaks the universal Dirty Harry language and it will make you seem totally cool and interesting and will probably get you laid, if that’s your thing.

Gun on gun violence is the scourge of many a metropolis, just ask Headline Shirts. They know.

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Joze December 2, 2015 at 2:13 pm

Hello- I’m making these as well for my couisn. In the picture up there and all the ones that I have seen they leave the diaper intact- the white part is folded up there under the added fabric part. That way when you fold them all nice and neat and pretty fabric shows on the outside. On the ones that I have I am added the fabric to the part that has a double layer so it almost naturally folds under.


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