Major League Boring T-shirt

by on June 13, 2010

You pretty much have to commit the equivalent of a work day to watch first pitch to last out in any 9-inning Major League Baseball game. Who has that kind of time? I mean crotch grabbing, head shrinking A.S. (after steroids), and fountains of spit are terrifically compelling, but then you have all that other stuff like throwing to first base, meetings on the mound, stepping out of the batter’s box, and bunting that make professional baseball excruciating.

This, my friend, is why you’ll agree to purchase a shirt that says Major League Boring. Because the truth is wearable.

ESPN’s the Sports Guy bats around some half-baked ideas on how to speed up the game of baseball with Kevin Wildes.

Another reason to hate the Yankees (3:08), Red Sox (3:04), and Dodgers (3:02). Last year, they averaged the longest 9-inning games.

By the way, Busted Tees likes to pat pitches that have had bad outings on the butt…alot.

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