Maintenance Takes Forever T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on March 7, 2012

Quite a random shirt, but very true. Maintenance is the essence of life in terms of keeping yourself fed, sheltered, and your pubic hair well trimmed. There’s never a time in life where you can relax on any of this stuff and say I don’t need to maintain any more, unless, of course, you just give up like your Uncle Ron. Then, it’s pretty much game over. He’s saving a ton of time, but the bed sores are killing him.

It’s true also for maintaining machinery, your physique, and good relations with the street walkers in your neighborhood. Just a helluva lot of time and, yet, we’re all headed for that hole six feet under.

I’m making myself melancholy. I’m going to stop thinking about this. And I would certainly never recommend buying such a thing as this Maintenance Takes Forever T Shirt. Nor would I ever try to maintain an AC unit like the poor middle aged man pictured on the garment.

Actually, I totally would because it’s funny and I think Busted Tees did a nice job with it. Anyway, I like to wallow in my maintained misery.

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