Magnum Pi T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on April 2, 2012

I guess you run into licensing issues if you throw a Detroit Tigers hat on this pi symbol with sunglasses and mustache, so I’m going to give Snorg Tees a pass on this one, especially since it’s a truly fabulous design. Excellent colors. Beautiful sun. Lovely palm trees. And, of course, Magnum. This is high level humor with the math wordplay, and if you did your 80s television watching you know exactly what’s going on and truly appreciate it.

Where is Tom Selleck these days? Don’t hear much from him. Actually, he could have the hottest show in the world, enjoying the twilight of his career and I would have no idea, because I don’t pay attention to that stuff.

But I do pay attention to the fact that you need this Magnum Pi T shirt pronto, because it’s clever and goofy.

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