Mad Men Don Draper Moves Like Draper T Shirt From Snorg Tees

by on April 16, 2012

Don Draper does have the moves and they didn’t slow down at all in the fifth season of the show. He’s got moves in the office to keep the clients coming, and he’s got moves in the bedroom, to keep the babes all a flutter. Of course, just wearing this I’ve Got the Moves Like Draper T Shirt gives you, by osmosis, some of the same cachet that Jon Hamm infuses into his character.

That’s why Snorg Tees designed this shirt. To give guys a little extra something as they’re out and about and on the town. Of course, we can’t forget that Draper’s life is not for everybody because he’s living it at such an intense level. Sometimes people like that shoot like comets, then burn out, or slip into some eternal free fall. Dangerous game, but may be worth it.

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