Mac Daddy T Shirt

by on December 31, 2010

Happy New Year’s Eve! This is the night to be the Mac Daddy.

What time period did the Mac Daddy phrase come into existence? I might have to go do 12 seconds of Internet research and figure that out. Okay, I’m back. Looks like maybe The Mack blaxploitation film from the 70s really kicked started that phrase. And, it means the head dude that’s got a way with the ladies. For further refinement of the definition, go ahead and check out the Urban Dictionary.

So, obviously we have a variation on the spelling. Of course, you don’t get the wordplay without going Mac, which, of course, is the Apple computer product name. The image is an old school Mac (I’m going through this for my younger readers that may only be familiar with the laptops and sleek desk tops. It’s a nice juxtaposition, because it brings to mind the ultimate geek, Steve Jobs, being a Mac Daddy.

Thanks to Busted Tees for putting those two things together  with this Mac Daddy T Shirt for me and enriching my life.

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