LTD Spring Break Tie Dye Tee

by on January 29, 2013


Get this Shirt from Wild Lemon Clothing

That is one wild skull and cross bones lemon with a tie dye background. Now, let me get this straight because I’m old enough to have seen the 70s first hand. Not the 60s but there were remnants of burnt out tie-dyed hippies still mulling about. What does tie dye signify to the youth of today. I’m guessing Wild Lemon Clothing has a finger on the pulse of the young people, and they’re offering this design up as a special spring break garment, so the tie dye probably represents inebriation and/or getting and wild fucking, because I think that’s probably exactly what it meant in the 60s.

It’s just interesting that a type of shirt design can carry that sort of meaning through five decades.

BTW…after just staring at the Wild Lemon dude, he’s really starting to grow on me. Cool design.

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