Lost Desmond is My Constant T Shirt

by on January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Let’s reflect on some things from the past year, including great TV programming that I did not watch.

Not everyone knows you’re a huge fan of Lost, but they should, and one way to remember the greatness of that TV show, and how you align with it is to wear a shirt that references the show in a “you have to watch the show to know what the hell Desmond is My Constant T Shirt means” way.

You have everything to gain by proving that you know what time it is (or isn’t…am I right?) with the heady television entertainment of yesteryear.

Busted Tees explains where they’re going with this one:

This shirt is about the ABC show Lost… On the beach, Daniel begins flipping through his journal until he comes to a page that reads: “If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant.

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