Lobbyists Conducting Legal Corruption Since 1869 T Shirt from Banished Shirts

by on March 26, 2012

I like this Lobbyists Conducting Legal Corruption Since 1869 T Shirt because it cuts right to the heart of all that is wrong with the United States. Capitalism is a great thing, until there’s complete de-regulation and the Corporations are left to their own devices to determine right and wrong . And, that, I’m afraid, doesn’t work at all, because corporations have no hearts, souls, and minds. Rather they are automatons working to forever boost the stock price for shareholders, which is an absolutely unsustainable system.

The lobbyists come in and grease the works connecting corporate interest to corrupt politicians, and the circle (jerk) is complete. Sickening really, and about to take this great country down unless some drastic things happen. We could start with putting some bankers in jail, because unlike what the government is saying, there are laws on the books that cover stuff like fraud and theft. Ask William Black…he’d be able to put some people in jail.

But, alas, the good ol’ US of A is no longer under the rule of law, unless you have no clout, then you get thrown in the slammer for any kind of minor offense to keep the prison industrial complex motoring along. This could get ugly.

Nonetheless, if you’re wearing this tee from Banished Shirts you can say you tried to warn people. That’ll be worth at least a moral victory, and a couple of points with the people you’re hanging with in the FEMA Camp.

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