LMFAO I’m Rexy and I Know It T Shirt

by on July 2, 2012

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Lookee here. I T Rex spoofin’ the shit out of that LMAO song, I’m Sexy and I Know It complete with those goofer sunglasses and THE HAIR. I have to say the music isn’t my fave but the vibe is righteous. How many dudes got the stones to not only wear a Speedo but undulate his hips so his penis bounces around. Not too many. Mad respect. Did I just type mad respect like I was a teenage in the year 2000. Sweet. Oh and this vid has almost 240 million views, so there’s that. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. “I work out.”

Plus, it wasn’t Drake entertaining the Heat at the club the night they won the NBA Championship, it was….

Nice work Snorg Tees.

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