Liquor, Explosives, Ammo T Shirt

by on April 30, 2011

This is a lovely little shirt. I especially like that fact that you can get these three types of items in a drive thru. That’s awesome and convenient and as Headline Shirts says on the page, there’s nothing more convenient when you’re really pissed off than having an opportunity to pick up these types of things to numb the anger/pain, and give yourself the courage to break the law, take justice into your own hands, and shoot and blow up some shit.

If this aligns with your philosophy, then you probably need to get the Liquor, Explosives, Ammo T Shirt today before they are sold out, and you know with this current economic climate where no one trusts anybody in the government or Wall St., where we have tons of unemployment, and the dollar is falling to obsolescence (in the name of quantitative easing), and as a result oil prices are skyrocketing (because it takes more devalued dollars to buy the same barrel of oil), that this fine shirt will sell out…both men’s and women’s styles.

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