Let’s Talk About Potassium K T Shirt from T Shirt Hell

by on May 30, 2012

lets talk about potassium t shirt Lets Talk About Potassium K T Shirt from T Shirt Hell

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This is the least offensive and edgy design from T Shirt Hell I’ve ever seen. It’s like they’re testing the waters on a new kinder and gentler line. Either that or they’re taking the names of the people that order this shirt and blacklisting them, so they can never visit the site again. Like a cute little way to weed out the folks that just like clever, smart and cute designs. It just feels like the other shoe is going to drop on this design.

Absolutely no one is going to be mad at this Let’s Talk About Potassium K T Shirt. Or maybe the T Shirt Hell dude is just tired and instead of faking that he’s shutting his shop down, he’s taking a break from riling people up, and throwing out some safe designs.

It’s still funny. It references the Periodic Table of Elements and texting, which are two very popular things, so it could do very well. I’m just a little thrown off. No biggie. I’m sure there will be maimed bunnies on the next one.

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