Let’s Never Speak of 2009 Again Tee

by on January 5, 2010

Just a friendly reminder never to speak of the past year ever again. And, I’m not fuckin’ around here. What with the amazingly bad economy. The one President that got me to vote, turning out to be just like the others…bought and paid for. Michael Jackson. Farah Fawcett. Tiger Woods. Your mom. And that little procedure that didn’t take. That was one year I’d rather never think or talk about again.

Put a fork in 2009, baby. It’s over. Thank God. 2010 is so going to be totally rockin’ and awesome. Especially, with Washington Wizards pulling guns on each other and maybe that procedure taking this time.

Anyway, just to remind yourself about mum’s the word on 2009, please go ahead and spend your hard-earned money on the Let’s Never Speak of 2009 Again Tee. Capiche?

You’ll be so excited receiving a package from Busted Tees, you’ll bust a nut. Wait is that a good thing?

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