Let’s Get Hammered T Shirt

by on January 30, 2011

Cute little word play. Nails joining together in friendship, planning a night on the town where they drink too much, get sloppy drunk, and do things they will regret for the rest of their lives. I like it. Nails on a non-Christian shirt is a pretty novel idea, so I highly recommend that you get the Let’s Get Hammered T Shirt.

But, what I really want to talk about is the Snorg Tees model Alice Fraasa, who is modeling this fine tee. I’m not going to give her a hard time, because someone that cute does not need to learn about how to hammer a nail in a board, but someone at the photo shoot should have pointed out that you need the part of the board that you are hammering a nail into to be on a solid surface, which this, obviously, is not. She’s gonna head of that nail and it’s going to flip up and hit her in the head.

I picked this image to point that out. There are images of this shirt  on which you can actually read the words, but since I went through what it says I figured you’d rather see Alice and her terrible carpentry skills.

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